Perimortem C-section trainer


  • Aluminum turkey basin

  • Skin colored plastic table cloth or shower curtain

  • Gripping shelf liner

  • Red dodge ball

  • Small Plastic baby doll

  • Red balloons

  • Small nail

  • Red yarn

  • Zip ties

  • 4-6 red dish towels

Note: Most of these items were purchased at a dollar store, which kept costs very low.


1) Collect your turkey basin. If you were only able to find a rectangle shaped turkey basin then cut the outer edges into an oval shape. Then cut out the bottom of the turkey basin, leaving about 1 inch of the bottom with the hole in the center.

2) Take the gripping shelf liner and fully cover the outer portion of the turkey basin leaving enough extra material to staple around the inner edges of the turkey basin.

3) Now do the same thing with the skin colored plastic table cloth. If you have enough material, use several layers of plastic for best effect. Again, stable around the inner edges of the turkey basin and now over the gripping shelf liner that is already in place.

4) For the baby and placenta, collect your plastic baby doll. Take a small nail and hammer the nail into the belly button of the baby doll. Cut about 8 inches of red yarn and attach to the nail. Then fill a red balloon with about a cup of water to simulate the placenta. Attach balloon to the other end of the yarn.

5) For the uterus, collect a red dodge ball. Cut an incision large enough to fit the baby doll through. Place the baby doll with placenta attached inside the dodge ball. Fill another red balloon with about 2 cups of water. Put that blue in the dodge ball as well, this will simulate the amniotic sac. Use a zip tie to close the incision made at the top of the dodge ball.

6) Take simulated uterus and put in the abdominal cavity of your pregnant simulator manikin. Take red dish towels to fill the rest of the abdominal cavity. Place your simulated gravid abdomen over all of this. If you do no have a pregnant simulator you could use a basin to place the uterus and towels to simulate the abdominal cavity.

7) Practice your perimortem c-section!