Direct laryngoscopy endotracheal intubation

Essential equipment

LaryngoscopeEndotracheal tubeStyletBVMSee Preparation for Intubation


  1. Open mouth (by scissoring or pushing chin down)

  2. Insert laryngoscope to patient’s right and sweep tongue to the left, visualizing uvula

  3. Position laryngoscope correctly in oropharynx

  4. Lift tongue and jaw, progressively visualizing epiglottis and then vocal cords

  5. Pass tube into the mouth at the right corner of patient’s mouth (not along the laryngoscope blade)

  6. Insert tube into trachea past vocal cords

  7. Remove laryngoscope

  8. Inflate cuff with tube at appropriate depth (3x ETT size to lip)

  9. Confirm correct tube placement (ETCO2, chest rise, lung sounds, no stomach sounds, misting in tube, CXR)