Preparation for intubation

Adult and pediatric badge buddies

Essential equipment

SOAPME supplies (Suction, Oxygen, Airways/Adjuncts, Positioning, Monitors/Meds, End-tidal CO2/Equipment)VentilatorSpecific equipment for intended intubation


  1. Assemble appropriate equipment and ensure all equipment is functional. Locate an appropriately sized bag-valve-mask with attached continuous end-tidal CO2 detector between the mask and the bag.

  2. Draw up essential medications.

  3. Verbalize intubation plan including backup plans and designate team roles.

  4. Establish IV access.

  5. Pre-oxygenate and de-nitrogenate via administration of 100% oxygen (ideally 8 deep breaths with non-rebreather or 3 minutes of tidal volume breathing).

  6. Place the patient in the sniffing position so that the sternal notch is aligned horizontally with the patient’s external auditory meatus.

  7. Elevate the bed so that the patient’s forehead is at the level of your xiphoid.

  8. Administer appropriate medications.

  9. Continue with intended intubation.