Scalpel-finger-bougie cricothyrotomy

  1. Position yourself on patient’s right side
  2. Chloraprep the neck
  3. Stabilize larynx with left hand
  4. Palpate for cric membrane with left IF
  5. Rest right hand with scalpel on patient’s sternum
  6. Make vertical incision from thyroid cartilage to cricoid cartilage
  7. Blunt dissect down to cric membrane with left index finger
  8. Make horizontal incision across cric membrane
  9. Insert finger into hole and completely open cric membrane
  10. Pass bougie alongside finger checking for clicks and hold-up
  11. Pass 6.0mm ETT over bougie until cuff is in trachea
  12. Remove the bougie
  13. Inflate cuff
  14. Bag patient